I am a Father, aspiring Chef, divorce collector, Skater(since 84), Gamer, tech geek, sarcastic, and empathetic old man. 

 Who am I? Good question... I'm a guy who has tip toed his way into his 40's(like a lumbering rhino). With over 26 years of sales and upper retail management at my side, I decided I was burned out!! It was time for a gut check and talk with God on what I should be doing. So, I am now in full pursuit of becoming a Chef, with my formal training with Art Institute and Kitchen training in full gear. This was not an easy decision to come to, it has given me plenty of sleepless anxiety filled nights on whether it was the right move at this ripe old age. I am fortunate enough to have people near me that support the dream.


I stepped on my first board(an old Nash pig complete at the Navy Exchange) in the summer of 1984 while my dad was stationed in Norfolk, VA and living in Virginia Beach, VA. I've never been the same since, haha
Retail sales and Management
I started my life and career in sales management with Footlocker in Southern Maryland and learn the value of customer service and the art of the sale, promoting rapidly through the ranks with various companies. 
Wireless & tech consultant/Sales
I started this exciting journey with a multi carrier dealer selling Voicestream(T-Mobile), Sprint, Verizon, and Nextel. I was the point person on sales and tech detailed service with companies and server security.

Published Writer

While I have been writing poetry since High School to get extra credit, and my teacher at the time Mrs. Betts encouraged me to keep writing. She saw something in the way I poured my emotion into what I wrote. Always keeping it to my self, as a personal "journal" if you will. I took a leap and published my first book this year on Amazon, titled Alone in a Room.